Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saints, Soldiers and Terrorism…

The moment sadhus and soldiers came into the entrapment of terrorism; Muslim terrorism has discontinued. The debate which always started after any terrorist attack keeping in mind the nuances of a “soft State” and the conclusions built upon around Bangladesh, Al Qaeda and ISI; have slowed down now.

Sadhvi Pragya and Lt. Col. Prasad Shrikant Purohit’s involvement in the blasts has instilled restlessness which gives a message that every Muslim is not importantly a terrorist but every terrorist is definitely a Muslim. There’s no confusion regarding the ongoing debate about the Muslim community and terrorism. The BJP’s and Congress’ view have connected it to the country’s socio-political condition.

The Intelligence Agencies have also agreed that the face of economy has been liked with the Indian society on the name of luxury and this has put the majority section at stake. Importantly, when in the society, money is deciding the values and the Governmental policies, in spite of taking the masses together is going after a section’s profit; the majority is angry. The masses are venting out this anguish in some or the other forms. The Muslim community is the first one to be trapped in this politics, the first reason being their deprived status. The community has its own limitations which the Sachchar Committee report has earlier stated. However the other larger reason is the political situation which has become a profit for the ones in power. The issue isn’t just limited to the vote bank politics where Congress needs to be pampered and BJP needs to be threatened on the name of Muslims. A diminishing line of development and a will to complete it is something that can also be linked with the Muslim community. The Human Resource Department and the UN too understand the nuances in the Indian context.

Coincidently in the last one and a half decade whenever the economy has ascended, the system has apparently weakened. Not only a religion has been hurt but the whole society has got hurt and the sadhus and soldiers have faced suspicion. Also, no one has ever shown the courage to expose and understand whether or not a discussion regarding the same has happened in the Army. However, during A.B. Vajpai’s term the Army’s voice seemed to be so eager to come out in Kargil. The Army has no face. This face didn’t even come up against the recommendations of the salary commission. The economy has dissolved the value of rupee and dollar. Moreover the country didn’t even realize the diminishing sense of patriotism and a soldier’s state of inner conflict. A soldier secures the border and when he confronts the masses he senses the actual state of the country which is apparently in the hands of FDI or foreign investment.

The Bhonsle military school under investigation is one of the first schools which thought about working privately. It was established in Nasik in 1937. A conference of top 7 public schools was conducted on 16th June 1939 in Shimla’s Gorten Castle Committee room. Bhonsle Military School along with schools like Scindhia School, Gwalior; Dally College, Indore; Doon School, Dehradun; Rajkumar College, Raipur and Rajkumar College, Rajkot participated in the conference. The outline of the conference was to promote the functioning of public schools according to the cultural practices in India.

Till now there have been 68 conferences. Every year there are inclusions but the question is that, are the schools established pre-independence have changed after independence? The Bhonsle Military School is from class 5th to 12th and is affiliated to the Maharashtra Board but the way of teaching is still the old Central Hindu Military Education Society’s; which was formed in 1935. It’s hence apparent that the type of foundation laid by these schools has become questionable.

Bhonsle Military School’s students in their debate competitions have been raising questions about the problems the Nation is facing and the solutions for the same. The scenario would have been like that of RSS’ own perspective of a Hindu Nation which is dangerous politically. Sangh and organizations also questioned the nature of Nationalism and Hindutva which were discarded even during Vajpai’s term. So what’s the solution? Even if the Muslim community is completely abandoned, the Hindutva is still so strong that the nation will have to face the consequences.

The Sadhu samaj has so far not believed that RSS has forgiven Advani for supporting Jinnah’s views on Democracy. Regarding Hindutva they have an ongoing debate that Savarkar was all time better than RSS. RSS has always dreamt of a Hindu Nation. At least Savarkar spoke about a straight agitation and struggle and his ideology was even adopted by organizations which recognized BJP through RSS. Under Savarkar’s theory earlier the Jansangh and now the BJP seem to face rejection. That’s the reason why Sadhvi Pragya is being made an idol among the other sadhus; so that a new theory of Hindutva can be created amidst the weakening system of the country. BJP’s Rajnath Singh or RSS’ Mohanrao Bhagwat, both are denying the possibility of any sort of linkage between India’s culture-tradition and terrorism. Congress is using their language to entice the Muslims and projecting that Hindutva is heading towards terrorism. However everyone is indifferent which is creating tension and instigating a feeling of distrust towards the Nation. Hence, in the Jaipur-Ahmedabad-Delhi blasts Muslims and likewise in the Malegaon blasts Hindus are being considered as terrorists. Amidst all this everyone has forgotten that both are in the end, Indian citizens.

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