Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Where Terrorism hasn’t dropped in, war is being speculated

Where terrorism hasn’t dropped in, war is being speculated. Terrorism has targeted the Indian economy. The paces at which the cities are being transformed into shopping malls, citizens are becoming avid consumers and this has drawn a line of profit and business in the minds of people. In this line, consumerism has become the basis of relationships and hence has divided a specific section of the society. If we look at the chain of cities being victimized, they are namely, Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. Terrorism is proliferating itself to other fast developing cities like Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Hyderabad as well.

The trend has also enveloped those small cities which are in the race of transforming into a big city. It may be Malegaon or Banaras. Actually, the truth behind the terrorized territory is shattering. A market of terror has been created on these lands and its consumerist nature to spread terror has been prevalent since the last decade. Terrorism hasn’t broken hope in the lives of people. In reality, this hope and life is that of the ‘market’; a market in front of which the biggest of terrors are forgotten rather than being fought. Hence, terror has not struck its chord at places with no markets.

There are numerous cities in this country where terrorism is more like a narrative account. In Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, terrorism is just like shopping malls and chaotic life of big cities where the oxygen of profit is required every now and then. There, confrontation or relating with anyone is more a business driven by profit. However, in Kumaon region, one may realize that only ones personal presence is enough for others to be friendly.

The person wouldn’t care about your pocket. This art is a part of country’s tradition and culture. But developing country’s terror stricken market driven by economic policies has led to creating of an art of trading that tradition and culture among the consumers. In India, two types of understanding of India has raised due to the presence of markets. When for the first time the question of confronting Pakistan on terrorism came up, Kumaon seemingly felt the situation. Kumaon is a region which has never faced terrorism. Kumaon region is famous for its Kumaon Regiment which symbolizes the will of residents to join the Indian army. The list of families having Army as a dream choice for themselves is long. The children of these cities feel happy and proud to see the killing of terrorists by laser guns and bullets.

When these children grow up they tend to understand this business driven by profit and prefer an MBA to hone their market skills. Some children become violent and hence to look different and show their presence in schools and college, take up guns. These kids want things fast. And for parents, the ways which lead to profit seem pleasant.

The feeling of dying for nation is ingrained in the minds and hearts of children of this region since childhood. From Hawaldar to Lieutenant to Colonel, whatever the post may be, these kids enliven them through their fathers and uncles. Now that Pakistan is being held responsible for the Mumbai attacks and war seems apparent, families residing in the mountains are preparing for the consequences. Holidays of the whole Kumaon Regiment have been cancelled. Every one is on duty. No one is presently deployed but a wave has filled up inside the regiment and the families of those in the Army.

This wave is creating a passion and making everyone realize that they have given up because of the market’s terror. These emotions signify confrontation. For the life of big city dwellers this confrontation is not just about carrying candles or demanding justice. This confrontation has a passion for protecting the Nation’s soil. Dying with a feeling of Nationalism gives immense peace. No more does the child now ask his father about his return. Similarly, no father now makes his son realize that he would come home early. A son would love to handle his father’s uniform and gun and the father would inspire his son to take up his gun and join the Army.

It’s normal in Kumaon region that a generation didn’t get to witness war. They retired without seeing any war and even wiping a gun was a big deal. Maximum soldiers from the Kumaon region were martyred not in the Kargil war but in the 1984 Bhindrawala case in Punjab. The families have those memories fresh till date; the decision of sending Kumaon Regiment and the fate of the soldiers inside the Golden Temple. The terrorists were backfired by a planned initiation of the Indian soldiers and the soldiers faced pain of their martyred fellows on returning. No matter how much controversial the Golden Temple Operation was and a line was drawn between various communities of the society, Kumaon never debated Indira Gandhi’s decision on the same. These Kumaonis very well remember the moment of victory of this operation. How did the kids of the brave martyrs raise guns then? The true feeling of patriotism and love for Nation can only be well understood amid these families.

Post Mumbai terror attacks when it was questioned that Police, NSG; Army etc…are not paid properly and are not given proper facilities and that they should be given more salary and competent weapons. The families that lived in the mountains contended that money and facilities are no parameters for instigating passion and valor. Rich people of Delhi and Mumbai should think of cutting their luxuries and promoting soldiers in the Army. The question has been often raised by the mountain dwellers that how relevant is the reason behind developing the nation at this pace? The unity of this nation is being smashed on the name of making money. Obviously, the society would be breached.

Kumaon regiment’s headquarters are at Ranikhet. Standing anywhere in Kumaon one may understand boundaries of China, as the complete Himalayan Range is visible from there. The whole picture of the Indo-China war of 1961 seems clear from Kumaon. The life in mountainous terrain is very hard and when China attacked India, Uttarakhand was very active. At that time weapons used were the ancient 2-piped guns and dandas. The canons were equally ancient and bulky.

Kumaon is engrossed in the memories of war knocked by terrorism. These memories promise Nation’s security but looking at the financial status of Kumaon, many questions have come up. Is the Government’s role to create war conditions? Is the passion and vigour to fight for Nation confined only to the regions immune to market terrorisms? Is the need for leading a metropolitan lifestyle dividing India? Would the coming generation learn Nationalism only through terrorism and wars? Would the election politics engulf regions like Kumaon? Where there is preparation to confront war, terrorism would not dare to approach.


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