Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kashmir coloured in Hindutva?

Hundreds of questions popped up as if we don't care about our Nation. Anyways, let's answer them considering the fact that we are nationalists.

The Amarnath Shrine Board will be temporarily given 40 hectares of the land for Amarnath yatra. Jammu is happy over the settlement. Two months of protest has finally been acknowledged, and gaiety is in the air. Everyone seems to be content and pleased. Amidst all this, who do you think is happy particularly? Are they the Hindus who are questioning, if mosques can be given land, why not the temples? Or are they the Kashmiri pandits who are content with the amount of land given, which is less than half the actual land that was supposed to be given?

The initial allotment of 800 kanal was made and passed by the State Govt. only. Not only this but the allotment was made and the land was given. However after such an over fury the land was taken back. There are two possible reasons behind this whole conflict. Firstly, a permanent structure was being erected on the land. Secondly, PDP which earlier supported the Congress Govt. knew that they had negligible chances of winning against Congress in Jammu and Kashmir, in elections ahead. PDP has no strength left to face the public, because they had betrayed everyone.

PDP did what it wanted to, and that resulted in the collapse of the Congress Govt. in J&K. The country has a population of 90 crore Hindus, then why such a propaganda regarding the whole issue. Why was the allotment reduced to 40 hectares? And if the whole issue is about Nationalism Vs Separatism, as according to Advani, why was the settlement considered at all? Why it was even needed, on the first hand?

I don't think this settlement has led to any happiness among the Hindus. The whole issue was supposed to conclude on a decisive note rather than on a settlement like this. Jammu suffered a loss of more than 100 crores. The merchant class which was affected had a sikh majority too. These Sikhs were pressurizing the Punjab Govt. to settle the whole dispute, as it was hampering their business.

Akali Dal, which is in power in Punjab, is an ally of BJP. BJP intelligently tried to retain its friendliness with RSS and remain in Jammu, while not trying to further the unrest. It’s visible that BJP is looking at power in J&K. The importance of RSS under BJP's rule has been prominent since A.B. Bajpayee’s rule. On recapitulation of the whole discussion, one thing becomes clear that the emotions of thousands of devotees have been dumped under the settlement.

The question is that, a demand that was initiated by Kashmir, to serve its interests, how merged with that of Jammu's? It was Kashmir that first instigated the demand for independence and on the other hand the Jammu's trade affected Kashmir. The deliberate bifurcation between Jammu and Kashmir led to a feeling that Jammu and Kashmir are different. The agreement on 40 hectares of land only reflects Nationalism through Amarnath and a separatist mindset camouflaged in the demand of independence.

As a result of this resolution, one can say that peace has been accomplished. But then who would have wanted a Kashmir on fire? It was important to retain peace. But if you feel that Kashmiris should be taught a lesson, that terrorists dwell in Kashmir, that leaders like Mebooba Mufti support Pakistanis and terrorists, then why a settlement? Then how is it possible that on the first hand we raise our voices against Pakistan and on the other hand we settle the conflict and celebrate?

The issue mirrors a fact that a State and religion can’t coexist. The Indian history has evidences of this reality. May it be Aurangzeb in the Mughal era or King Ashoka in the Mauryan era. Their downfall started only when they started spreading their respective religions, Islam and Buddhism. It's better not to scale a Nation on the basis of religion and politics.

Relating terrorism to Kashmir and Muslims can be abstained only if the mutual relations strengthen. In our country no political party ever manages to get 15 crore votes. The maximum a party could get ranges from 13 to 14 crore. So, how can it be considered a full majority? Besides this, there is one more fact that I think has led to this 40 hectare settlement; the sacred month of Ramzan. As it’s the time when no one wants a terror struck Kashmir or a conflicted Jammu.

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