Sunday, September 7, 2008

A new question…


Your answers raised a question in my mind that if the Nation wants Kashmir and not the Kashmiris, then has the Indian economy achieved its aim? In this era of New Economic Order, a human being is more of a product than a proper human and his needs are governed by his surroundings and environment. This environment is framed by the business class, which is governed by profit. However minor this business class may be; they are the one who decide for the majority.

If the influential class believes that the playgrounds for children should be replaced by residential areas, they are right. If they think that kids need gymnasiums and computers, they definitely mean it. All this makes the children feel that with the technology, the world is theirs. The world would become a known territory and they’ll know how things work. They would know how to live and what’s good & bad for them. They would think they have arrived.

The technology would overpower the mind of a child to an extent that he would begin formulating opinions based on it. Like for instance, if any random school is a brand, but is not of the kid’s choice, but the school is a brand; the child would definitely go to that school. The school after all increases social stature and is famous.

Personally I think that we have become so dependent on information technology. The question is what happened in Kandhamal and Gujarat, the far north-east and Bihar. It’s just that, the moment you type it on Google you get all the information one ever needs to know about this area. Now it depends on you, how you take it as. Do you take it as information or news? If it’s news then it’s definitely not complete. It takes the form of a report then. News is complete interpretation. The scope of computer is limited and it’s bound beyond a point. One day if you search India on Google, you may be surprised to know that it’s still a country of snakes and saints, and nothing more than that. Hence, technology is just a medium and not the complete knowledge.

Knowledgeable is man, who is responsible to share his perspectives, giving enough space to all the interpretations, to create a healthier environment. However, the market doesn’t need such a milieu of knowledge. The business minded only want things to be their way, where technology is the ultimate reality. Even blog is a medium, not a world of knowledge. The encounter with reality would only happen on going out into the world and living with real people. Life’s not just about logics and arguments, and everyone knows that. Important is prevalence of the scope of an argument in this Nation, without a threat. If the reactions over something become “listen to me or die”, it would become dangerous.

Next post will be about Bengal. Is the left turning into a pro-capitalist ideology is the whole question.

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