Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Around Batla House….

The Batla encounter is bigger in intensity than terrorism and Amar Singh is above the case. The National Integration Council however falls short in front of Amar Singh. And the Council is smaller than Batla house. Who is the most powerful under the terror of Indian Mujahidin? It may be a mystery in any part of the country, but is certainly not one in Delhi. After the fateful Batla encounter, whoever stepped in Batla made the minority realize their power and weakness. It seems that Batla has lost before both. This is the new reality of the Batla encounter.

If Jamia Nagar is being questioned regarding the Batla encounter, a terror of police in Azamgarh is no exception. But the way the incident is being politicized for votes, it can seemingly make and break a government. It is clear that this time Jamia Nagar is on stake. On the board, a knight’s stance or even a pawn’s route would be the same for Jamia Nagar. All this and more is prominent there. Opening ones eyes is all that is required at this point.

No one has the courage to go near Batla House; near the door of flat L-18. However this betting has become a child play now. Police is always around the premises of Batla house. The one who wins the bet has chances to win an ice-cream or a film ticket. There are even rules in this game which include going to the house without being questioned by the police and returning, which in turn is a matter of pride and strength. Hassan Miya claims to have seen kids playing this game over Id celebrations. He had shunned the kids that day, but no one knew that this game would be played with even more interest over the period of time. These days police can be seen patrolling on the entrance of residential area near Jamia University. In this scene if any kid manages to get through Batla House, he becomes the new hero among his friends. Even the youth is in search of their new hero. The debate regarding the ones who were killed in the Batla House encounter has taken a political shape; so much that the youth is looking up to politics.

Irfan greeted Amar Singh on a temporary stage which was erected opposite to the mosque in Jamia Nagar. The youth sect has not been able to digest this fact, till now. Aslam and Sadiq are students of Jamia University and live in the university hostel. They are in search of a hero who can raise their voices and bring up their problems with ease. They can’t bare the distrust shown by any politician who plays a double game with them. They are full of anguish for Irfan. However, they have realized that sects can be divided and politics can be played. But why is there not a Muslim who can build up some courage and speak about the problems of the nation?

They are in search of a hero. Amidst them was an actress who insisted that women shouldn’t be investigated in the absence of a women police. Investigation shouldn’t happen at home. And since then, women police force has been visible around. Even the old people are in the search of their hero. According to Asgar, a sari shopkeeper Sheikh sahib, very well knows how to balance his stance in politics and saris, but doesn’t know one thing that is the tension due to the present situation. When Congress minister, E.Ahmed visited Jamia Nagar; Sheikh Sahib said to him that it’s difficult to get a 9 m long sari and also a real leader of the masses. When someone mentioned Sonia, he said that a leader is like an embroidery; talented and priceless. Whoever comes here calls for more and more politics.

Fortunately even I got a chance to meet Sheikh Sahib. When I mentioned the things being said about him; he retorted in a question, “What do you think, how many people will turn up for the NIC meeting?” I said that in the meeting Azamgarh and Jamia Nagar will be mentioned. On this he smiled at me and said that even I have mistaken it. According to him I was weighing NIC on the balances of Amar Singh. It’s all the politics of votes. He told me that NIC was established by Nehru in 1961 with a purpose of stopping the violence acts caused because of religion and caste. However, the meetings proceeded and the tension too. Though politics benefited from it a lot. According to Sheikh Sahib, NIC’s last meeting happened in 1992. The targets were temples and mosques. No one agreed to a single thing because no one talked about the good of common masses. In the whole conversation the common mass was absent. He then said that on Monday’s NIC meeting Jamia Nagar and Azamgarh will be discussed; Kandhamal and Karnataka will be discussed. And politics will be played in every aspect of this meeting. These many died here and those many died there. What’s the difference? If the number is equal on both the sides, the meeting would be called peaceful. And if the number differs, someone or the other would come out and crib about the need of peace.

Afroz and Rajendra are two property builders who work in partnership. Both talk off the record and talk openly. They say that however it’s off the record but only after the Batla encounter has Jamia Nagar marked a place for itself.

Earlier, when people wanted a property in Jamia Nagar, a lot called for an explanation. But after this Batla incident, the reputation of Jamia Nagar has increased. I straightly asked, “How it is possible; after the incident, shouldn’t less people come here? Afroz said that however it’s off the record; the reality is that Jamia Nagar has become more of a dream abode for people owing to the prevailing conditions in the nation. People, who earn well-eat well but are always paranoid about someone tricking them, come here. Rajendra off the record added that Delhi has become the most favourite residence of Muslims because even a small issue becomes a matter of over-fury here. He then added by saying that media and politics have benefitted their business a lot. When Amar Singh visited Jamia Nagar, media showed that he demanded for a judicial investigation of this case. And interestingly like me, they began marketing. Inadvertently I said that Amar Singh is not marketing, he just mentioned the circumstances. On this Afroz off the record said that Amar Singh threatened to take back the support. And this is self promotion only. The consequences of the Jamia Nagar hype are visible now.

Hamid Ansari from Srinagar came to Delhi to settle a property and when it got settled he said that Delhi is Democratic. It’s secure to buy a house here, no one would encroach. Moreover in Jamia Nagar, no policemen would interfere.
A free gasp of air is here.

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