Sunday, October 19, 2008

Media, glamour and dreams…

Snazzy clothes, cool sunglasses, flashy bags, a mineral water bottle, groomed hair and painted faces and an anguish in voice; his is how today’s youth can be defined. The anger however, owing to a breach in their trust. The anger for being smothered by their own existence, which can be ignored.

It’s the picture of today’s youth eager to fly freely in the sky. Ironically it’s the same youth who is in search of an employment and whose dreams of ruling the world have been shattered by the present day state of our economy. Almost 850 probationers in Jet Airways, who sometime back represented the open economy of India and had opened the market to an extent that they said people should learn to spend. Market will give the money. They are the same professionals who are now asking for their deposit money back; which is around 50,000 to 1 lakhs. That’s when even more people started coming up asking compensation for their lands.

There was no shine visible on their faces. Nobody noticed the sweaty bodied and torn clothed labourers working and fighting for their causes. These workers were never given attention on a television screen. Seniors in a television house may have disagreements in all the issues, but they definitely agree on not showing the struggle of labourers for their cause. However, this façade is far more beyond the new emerging identity of India and no one wants to see it. In the run for TRPs these faces may even spoil the present brand market.

The aforesaid act of agreement is prominent so much so that if a junior in a TV organization portrays the despised class, they are openly asked to join a newspaper instead. But in the scenario when the glamorous faces have come on the streets; unfortunately these juniors are looking up to their seniors and journalists to support them as this can happen to them as well. Similarly, the same question was faced nine months back when no one wanted to listen to the agony of 25 people who were shoved away from their land.

Market is driving the younger generation and the brand journalists are running their news channels. Here, leaving the track of market means a flipside. No one wants to lack behind, thus when the new generation of professionals got on the streets to protest; the news channels began what they wanted to. When on 15th October at 1.20 PM when this news broke on the TV screens and the “grounded” youth apparently who wanted to fly were seen on roads, all the news channels aired this but none wanted to break the wheel of the sequence already set by the presenters. By the time it was 1.30, all the news channels were showing comedy, satire, fashion and entertainment. There was “Comedy Kamaal Ki”, “Aja Hansle”, “Hansi Ki Mehfil”, “Fashion Ka Tashan” and “Khel Extra”. All were busy making money through this market; the market which when low can ruin lives.

However, these business channels, in this scenario of tension estimated their own concerns and suddenly started advising the Govt. in the direction of bail out. Meaning that, to sort out the Jet Airways crisis, the Govt. should direct its money to the Airways. So that Jet Airways can recover its loss and re-employ its professionals. However, after watching this report on TV none tried to explain to the Govt. that India is ranked no. 66 in famine crisis and that the Govt. should first try to bail out famines.

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